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Gli Castueras, H.I.S.

Gli Castueras, H.I.S.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Gli is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and a member of the International Hearing Society. He has been involved in the hearing health care industry since 2011.

Prior to opening his office in Salem, Gli was a case management professional for a regional social services company. His previous work experience in this field provided him the opportunity to assist the elderly population and individuals with disabilities with obtaining services and care essential to their needs.

He brings the same desire to improve people’s lives to his practice. As an individual with a binaural hearing impairment and a hearing aid wearer, Gli knows from personal experience the difficulties a person faces when having to deal with a hearing disability and the amazing benefit of having properly fitted hearing aids.

Gli will work to serve the patients hearing needs by finding the right hearing aid(s) for the best price.

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